Compac composite worktops are moisture and stain resistant, in addition to being resilient to cracks, chips, scratches and even extreme temperatures.

These long-lasting qualities, combined with gorgeous colours and finishes, make these worktops the seamless choice for bars, bathrooms, and kitchens in both commercial and residential settings.

The broad selection of elegant finishes and colours allows for Compac worktops to be utilized within any kitchen setting, whether the scheme happens to be traditional, contemporary, modern, rustic or minimalist.

Compac worktops are engineered to combine genuine quartz granulates and high quality resin, with a wide variety of particles and other pigments to generate a wide-ranging colours and textures. These worktops are available in 20mm, 30mm and 50 mm in thickness.

These worktops are characterized by extreme stability, which can only be surpassed by diamond, topaz, and sapphire. It is almost impossible to leave a stain on these countertops for it has an extremely low absorption rate.