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Our company is very fortunate and pleased to have such experienced fitting teams to install our high quality granite, quartz and stone products. There is a certain art and skill to the natural stone installation profession that cannot be replicated by other tradesmen.

The knowledge and experience of our fitting teams is second to none and are amongst the best the uk has to offer. A perfectly crafted bespoke granite or quartz worktop is only as good as the fitting team that create the templates and install the finished product. That’s why we use our own dedicated fitting teams who see your project from conception and development through to completion.

Why are our fitting teams better than the competition? Read on to find out more….

Quality Reasons why we take pride in our fitting service 

Template & Fitting Terms & Conditions

PDF link :finchs-Tab Template terms Conditions 2018

In order for us to process and manufacture projects as efficiently and accurately as possible, it is essential the following points are noted and addressed by our customers.
If the conditions below are not met before the template production date or alterations carried out prior to us making a template on site then a re-visit by our fitters may be required at an additional cost.
Many aspects of this information sheet may have been discussed with us at some point during your enquiry. Either at the showroom, factory visit or in emails or by phone but it is essential that all details are discussed & agreed with the fitters at the template stage. What is agreed at the template stage will be exactly what we will fabricate and is subsequently fitted. We do give the fitters as much information as possible before he arrives at site, including any notes we have made, details entered into his diary booking and the kitchen plan we send him that we have discussed with the customer.
Our office staff deal with many customers per day and discuss countless options on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of all this information makes it impossible for us to keep track of the exact specifics of each and every enquiry or project. Specifications, sizes and required details may change from your initial visIt to the template stage. The only way to get the correct and final version of what a customer wants is to have it all decided and confirmed on the day that the templates are made.
Template Date
You will be required to be on site at the template stage to go through all the details of your job with the fitters. To help you with this we have the following information that includes many frequently asked questions along with what information you will have to supply on the day. These have all been listed below along with a checksheet that will need to be completed and signed to confirm that all the options and details have been discussed and agreed upon with you and our fitters. Once this is complete, by signing the form you are confirming that you are happy for us to proceed to the fabrication stage.
If you are unsure of anything discussed with the fitters or feel that something has not been explained in full, do not sign the form. Either ask the fitters for more information on the issue or contact us directly for clarification. Only sign this form if you are happy for us to proceed and commence fabrication. We will manufacture exactly to the template details, sizes and specifications. Once materials have been committed to production we are unable to accept changes or additions.
Once templates are returned to us by our fitters we will check the details, sizes and specification with our original estimate. Upon doing so there are usually 2 scenarios:-
1) If there are either very minor changes or no changes. If this is the case, we will not contact you and go straight into production as the price would not have changed from your original estimate.
2) If there are significant changes and /or additions that have not been accounted for in your original estimate then we will contact you to discuss these changes, along with an updated price. We will not start any fabrication until any additions/ changes have been agreed. This process may result in a delay with your installation date if we are unable to contact you to confirm these additions / changes.
General information
1)We insist that you or a trusted representative be present during templating to agree all relevant details such as overhang, joints and height of splash backs ect. Advice can also be given at this point with regard to any alterations and/or additional work that would need to be carried out before the new worktops can be fitted.
2) Unless specified, we reserve the right to use our own judgment regarding all overhangs. In the event that you or a trusted representative is not present we will use our best endeavours to template but take no responsibility whatsoever for any misinterpretations.
Standard overhangs are 20mm with +/- 3mm (unless otherwise instructed) and we accept no responsibility if these are later found to be unacceptable.
3) Granite & quartz worktops standard thickness is 30mm (+/- 2mm)
4) Granite & quartz splash-backs standard thickness is 20mm (+/- 2mm)
5) 95% of all work that would require cutting and polishing would be completed at our factory to minimize dust, dirt and untidiness at the customer’s house. Some instances of grinding, cutting and polishing the granite / quartz at the customer’s house are unavoidable. Our fitters will make every effort to keep this to a minimum and clean up after themselves but you should be prepared for this and instruct the fitters where they are able to complete this work if necessary (for example- a garage, driveway, patio or back garden).
Splashbacks / Upstands/ Hob Splashbacks 
1) Where splashbacks / upstands are to be fitted we can take no responsibility for the curvature & alignment of the walls. Granite and quartz will not bend therefore there may be gaps behind the splash-backs when fitted. These gaps can easily be filled with painters caulk by you or your decorator. We are not painters & decorators and take no responsibility for filling these gaps.
2) Where full height splash backs between worktops and cupboards or hob splash back between worktops and extractor unit are required we are unable to make these fit with no gaps. A certain amount of tolerance is required to fit these items as to avoid damage to the underside of the cupboard or extractor unit. Tolerance for cupboards is usually around 4-5mm and anything up to 6mm for extractor units with curved glass. This is needed to avoid damage to the glass due to any heat expansion. Too tight a fit may crack the glass. Our fitters will try to keep any gaps at the bare minimum to ensure the best fit possible.