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Most of our customer are very interested in the whole process from start to finish of how granite and quartz is quarried or engineered, imported from the country of origin, selected, acquired by Finch’s and finally fabricated at our production facility before being installed into your home.
We thought it would be a great idea to list this sequence of events in detail to give you a better understanding of the processes that have to take place before you can enjoy our finished product. We have tried to make this description as fluid as possible but for those of you interested there are also links to more in-depth information on these materials and processes if you wish to pursue the individual topics further.
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Granite & Quartz Information
Initially the material you choose has to come from somewhere! There are two distinct types of material that we use for Kitchen worktops, Bar counters and other high traffic working areas. These materials are Granite , a natural material that is quarried from the ground or quartz, a natural product that is crushed and mixed with resin, colour pigments and in some cases mirror/ glass pieces to create a sparkle effect. Both materials have their own unique advantages, that’s why we created this guide to give you the best facts and information on these beautiful and beneficial surfaces.
Granite Kitchen Worktops

Granite Quarry
Granite is excavated in large blocks from quarries all over the world. There are many colours available and no two pieces are the same. The very random nature of granite is often its most beautiful characteristic. The word granite comes from the Latin granum, a grain, in reference to the coarse-grained structure of such a crystalline rock.

Granite Slab Manufacturing Process

Granite is quarried in large rectangular blocks as shown in the picture on the left. These blocks are then sent for processing into slab form where they are cut to the required thickness,polished on one side of each slab and quality checked before shipment to Finch's.The cutting of the granite block is shown on the picture right.



Quartz Kitchen Worktops


Quartz is crystallised silicon dioxide, a naturally found mineral in the earths crust.
Its qualitys of extreme hardness and resistance to acids makes it benifical to products that require precision and top-quality performance such as kitchen worktops.

Quartz forms the main component in all our quartz brands such as Caesarstone, Silestone, Cimstone, Technistone, Quarella and Diresco. These manufacturers are strictly vetted by us and we only deal with companies that use 90%+ of quartz in their tested & proven product.
A word of warning!
There are many cheap variations of unbranded quartz work surfaces from countries such as China or in Asia that are attractive in price but have only 50% actual quartz content and/or a inferior quality of the basic quartz material. Many unscrupulous worktop fabricators use this type of material with no guarantees and pass this cheaper alternative on to customers without their knowledge. Be very careful and check what brand you buy. If you buy from us you are guaranteed not only by Finch's but also by the orignal quartz manufacturers guarantee of 10+ years.

Quartz Slab Manufacturing Process

1) Feeding & Mixing
Raw materials are inspected,
then fed into mixers and blended together.
4) Curing
The slabs are moved to the curing kiln and heated to 90ºC for 45 minutes which gives them the ultimate strength and solidity
2) Molding
The mixture is then poured into a mold and formed into slab sizes of 306x144 cm or 3250x 1570(depending on manufacturer limitations)
5) Polishing
Slabs are then gauged, calibrated and polished to a perfect finish in a wide range of colors, designs and textures
3) Pressing
The slab is then compacted by a special vacuum and vibration process at a pressure of 100 tons
6)Quality Assurance
Finally, the slabs pass through quality checks and each slab is marked and labeled with all relevant information



Granite & Quartz Fabrication Process at Finch's
Templates and drawings
templates for granite worktops

Finch's Have a full template and fitting service that is second to none.Unlike our competitors we only use dedicated, time served and accredited fitting teams for your project.

Templates are made specifically to take into account for mis-shaped walls, unusually shaped kitchen units and notches for pipe work. At this point we can also take measurements for upstands, hob splashbacks, island end panels and windowcills.

In some rare cases drawings may be made for replacement worktops as this creates minimal disruption to our clients.
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Delivery of Materials

Granite slabs unloading
Finch's start the fabrication process here. Only the finest, quality checked slabs of granite, quartz, slate and marble will be unloaded from the transport for stock in our yard. Any products deemed unsuitable for domestic use would be rejected.
Finch's take delivery of the granite or quartz slabs from the manufacturer at our stockyard, factory and showroom at Skull House Lane, Appley Bridge , Wigan. We have a complete, technologically advanced facility here to manufacture and fabricate, from slab your finished kitchen worktops, bathroom vanity units or fireplaces. The process from slabs to finished product is very similar in either natural Granite or Quartz material such as Silestone, Caesarstone, Techinstone, Querella,Diresco and cimstone products.

Selection Of Slabs

Granite slabs for worktops
Slabs are hand picked by our saw operators form our stockyard with a premilinary check in accordance to specific customer selections then loaded onto the cutting table of the saw.
Before fabrication each slab is extensively checked by hand and confirmed for suitability before being cut to size.

Once loaded onto the saws and checked for suitability the granite and quartz worktops are cut to the specific size of the templates or drawings supplied.
granite worktop templates


Cutting Process

granite hob cut out
Beside the overall size of the piece, all raw unpolished cut outs, notches and unusual cuts are made at this point to ensure a perfect fit to the walls of your kitchen.
Cut out for hobs or pipe notches are marked onto the granite or quartz worktop before being finally cut to the specification.
Laser guided saws are used in this process to ensure accuracy to the templates or drawings made by our experienced fitters or customers wishing to supply their own specifications.
cutting granite

Edge Polishing Process

Granite, quartz edge polishing
Once cut, the newly formed granite or quartz worktops are loaded onto our edge polishing machine. This machine creates a superbly flat and highly polished edge to all our worktops.

During this process a 3 to 4 mm bevel is also put on the top and bottom of the finished edge to create a superb modern look.Several options of moulded edges are also available with our CNC workstation detailed below
Granite polished edges

Edging Details and Moulded Edges via C.N.C Workstation
Intermac granite cutting
Edge details can come in many forms. Finch's supply many different types of edge details to compliment your kitchen worktops . This type of work is only undertaken on our dedicated CNC workstation to ensure a perfectly accurate size and perfectly polished finish to moulded edge details.

Our Italian made Intermac CNC is the best the stone processing world has to offer with advanced, unmatched features and a precise, perfect finish.
We have several shape options available including bullnose, 1/4 bullnose, new york, ogee and 45 deg bevel. These options can be mixed and matched to create something totally unique.

Polished Undermounted Sink Cut Outs via C.N.C Workstation

All the work involved for polished cut outs in granite & quartz is CAD designed and completed by our state of the art Intermac CNC workstation.

This expensive but essential piece of equipment is capable of cutting extremely precise sizes in accordance to your specifications or that of the sink manufacturer.

This machine also polishes and moulds edges to the highest standards available and is always used to cut any sink shape in granite, quartz , marble or indeed any stone.

Click the play icon on the video to see our CNC in action.

Click on the images below to see other operations and services available from Finch's using the latest technology with our Intermac CNC workstation.

Granite worktops with sink cut outs
Granite cut to size and shape
Granite recess drainer
granite drilling
Drainer Grooves Edge Details Polished cut-outs Milling & Shaping Recess Drainer Drilling

Island Unit and Worktop Shaping

shaped island units Granite and quartz island units and worktops can be made, bespoke to your requirements. From simple rounded corners to elaborate shaped patterns any design can be accomplished with ease. Once again all this type of work is specified and designed on our CAD system then loaded onto the CNC workstation for the best, accurate results.

To the left you can see how our designs are programmed into our cnc machine and on the right is the finished product.(available to view in our granite and quartz showroom in Appley bridge, Wigan.


























































































































































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